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DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets


Everyone fancies laundry that smells great. Unfortunately, most laundry products that are on the market today are so full of harmful chemicals. Using so much of chemicals seem alarming when you think about your kids’ clothing and laundry that you use on a regular basis. Organic wool dryer balls and reusable dryer sheets are a good alternative. Natural detergent sometimes may not give you that fresh finish in your laundry. If you like that fresh smell of your laundry to linger on, here’s a quick guide to making your own reusable dryer sheets and organic wool dryer balls.


Say Goodbye to Remarkably Toxic Chemicals in Your Laundry 

Make the chore of doing your laundry more environment-friendly by using wool dryer balls. You could also opt to use a scent on your wool balls to being on that favorite smell to stay on for hours. In the market today, there are a lot of options to buy dryer balls. They are available as plastic or rubber balls apart from natural wool. The Plastic or rubber ones are again vulnerable to emit harmful chemicals into your laundry. The best choice is picking an organic wooled dryer ball. They cut static in your clothes and reduce the time taken as well as stay on top by being completely organic, natural and chemical free.


DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets


Make Your Own Reusable Dryer Sheets and Dryer Woolen Balls 

When you are planning to make your own reusable dryer sheet, you can simply use cloth wipes or scraps of clothes that you have at home. Here is a quick method to make your own reusable dryer sheet:



  • Cloth wipes/Scrap clothes
  • Choice of your essential oil
  • white vinegar
  • Storage container



Mix the white vinegar with the choice of your essential oil (Use about 25 to 30 drops). Fold the cloth wipes or scrap clothes if you are using them and place them inside your storage container. Just moisten the fabric inside the storage container. Do not overdo it and saturate the fabric with the mixture, just add enough to make it wet. That’s it, this fabric scrap is now your new Reusable Dryer Sheet.

Just use one cloth or scrap piece per load in your dryer. The fragrance of the essential oil will remain while the vinegar would evaporate during the drying process.


Choose Organic Woolen Balls to Make Your Drying Quicker 

Alternatively, you could also use 100% organic wool as a substitute. Just wrap the wool in a ball and secure the ends to make it stiff and tight. Make it about the size of a tennis ball. Repeat the process and make about 4 or 5 balls of the same size. You could now stuff the yarn ball in a layer of pantyhose. This will prevent it from unraveling during the drying. Wash it in a hot load, continue to wash it until it is felted. Now make the vinegar mixture as above and soak the balls for a while. Store it in an airtight container for best results. Allow it to completely dry after a few uses, soak in the vinegar mixture again to retain the freshness. The best way to dry them is to air-dry it.


How Using A Knee Support Can Help For Arthritis

If you are dealing with arthritis, you may face pain on a regular basis. You may find yourself growing used to the pain and all that it brings to your life. If you are faced with knee pain because of arthritis, you might be looking for something that you can use to help cut back on the pain that you have to face. Knee sleeves can provide relief to people like you who are faced with arthritis. They can offer relief as you exercise and they can help you stay active. If you have arthritis, you should find products that can help you with the pain that you face. Knee sleeves can work out as a good product for you and your life.


Knee Sleeves are an Affordable Option for Dealing with Arthritis Knee Pain

There are many expenses that you pay when you are dealing with something like arthritis, but there are also affordable products that you can purchase and put to use that can help you cut back on the pain that you face. If you are looking for something that is affordable that you can use in dealing with your arthritis pain, you may want to consider knee sleeves and all that they give to you. There are a variety of knee sleeve options out there, from a variety of brands, and they can be affordable.


Knee Sleeves Help Ease Pain When Exercising with Arthritis

It is important that you stay active if you are dealing with arthritis, and you should find products that will help you do that. Knee sleeves help you deal with less pain when you are exercising, and that helps you to keep moving. If you are faced with pain when you try to work out while dealing with arthritis, you can use knee sleeves to eliminate that pain and help you move about in a freer way.

How Using A Knee Support Can Help For Arthritis

Knee Sleeves Cut Back on the Strain that Your Knee Feels

If you feel that your knees get strained when you work out and you are not sure if that is because of your arthritis or just because of the way that your body is made, you may find that knee sleeves are something that can help you out. Putting a sleeve in place on your knee can help you cut back on the amount of strain that your knee feels. A knee sleeve can provide your knee with the support that will help it as it keeps your body upright.


You Can Find Knee Sleeves Made Just for People Like You

There are knee sleeves out there that were made for people like you who are dealing with arthritis. If you are looking for something that will help you stay active and deal with less pain as you do, you may find that knee sleeves provide you with just what you are seeking. They are easy to put in place and they offer your knees good support. If you have arthritis, there are sleeves out there that were made just for those who are dealing with that condition.

Most Used Products When Hiking

Most Used Products When HikingThere are a few things that hikers can’t do without, and one of those products is natural insect repellent. Hikers like to take this along with them when they are going on a long journey, so that they will keep themselves safe from bugs. There are too many insects out there who would love to feast on the hiker or pester them, and that is why they keep natural insect repellent close on hand at all times, whether they are going for a long hike, or even for a shorter distance.

One Of The Most Used Products When Hiking Is A Good One

So, as you can see, one of the most used products by those who are hiking is something that everyone who is going on a hike should use. It is a good one that will keep them safe from all of the nasty insects that could come after them. There are a few other products that hikers like to use a lot, from good water bottles, to comfortable backpacks, and shoes that support their feet, and you will want to consider all of the products that hikers use before you go off on a long hike yourself. And the one thing that you will want to especially consider is natural insect repellent.

There are a lot of gross bugs out there, and that is why most hikers choose to use natural insect repellent, so that they can keep them away. Going off in the woods doesn’t mean that one has to get eaten up by bugs, or that they have to feel uncomfortable the whole time because they are trying to swat the bugs away. Natural insect repellent helps to keep a hiker safe in the best of ways. It is a good, safe product that they can depend on to protect them.