Everyone fancies laundry that smells great. Unfortunately, most laundry products that are on the market today are so full of harmful chemicals. Using so much of chemicals seem alarming when you think about your kids’ clothing and laundry that you use on a regular basis. Organic wool dryer balls and reusable dryer sheets are a good alternative. Natural detergent sometimes may not give you that fresh finish in your laundry. If you like that fresh smell of your laundry to linger on, here’s a quick guide to making your own reusable dryer sheets and organic wool dryer balls.


Say Goodbye to Remarkably Toxic Chemicals in Your Laundry 

Make the chore of doing your laundry more environment-friendly by using wool dryer balls. You could also opt to use a scent on your wool balls to being on that favorite smell to stay on for hours. In the market today, there are a lot of options to buy dryer balls. They are available as plastic or rubber balls apart from natural wool. The Plastic or rubber ones are again vulnerable to emit harmful chemicals into your laundry. The best choice is picking an organic wooled dryer ball. They cut static in your clothes and reduce the time taken as well as stay on top by being completely organic, natural and chemical free.


DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets


Make Your Own Reusable Dryer Sheets and Dryer Woolen Balls 

When you are planning to make your own reusable dryer sheet, you can simply use cloth wipes or scraps of clothes that you have at home. Here is a quick method to make your own reusable dryer sheet:



  • Cloth wipes/Scrap clothes
  • Choice of your essential oil
  • white vinegar
  • Storage container



Mix the white vinegar with the choice of your essential oil (Use about 25 to 30 drops). Fold the cloth wipes or scrap clothes if you are using them and place them inside your storage container. Just moisten the fabric inside the storage container. Do not overdo it and saturate the fabric with the mixture, just add enough to make it wet. That’s it, this fabric scrap is now your new Reusable Dryer Sheet.

Just use one cloth or scrap piece per load in your dryer. The fragrance of the essential oil will remain while the vinegar would evaporate during the drying process.


Choose Organic Woolen Balls to Make Your Drying Quicker 

Alternatively, you could also use 100% organic wool as a substitute. Just wrap the wool in a ball and secure the ends to make it stiff and tight. Make it about the size of a tennis ball. Repeat the process and make about 4 or 5 balls of the same size. You could now stuff the yarn ball in a layer of pantyhose. This will prevent it from unraveling during the drying. Wash it in a hot load, continue to wash it until it is felted. Now make the vinegar mixture as above and soak the balls for a while. Store it in an airtight container for best results. Allow it to completely dry after a few uses, soak in the vinegar mixture again to retain the freshness. The best way to dry them is to air-dry it.